Alhambra + Merida




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Alhambra / Generalife                                                                                                                             Table of contents

Torre del agua, AlhambraPatio de Acequia, AlhambraWater was very important to the islamic people living in the Generalife at Grenada. It was ued for drinking water and ritual bathing. The irrigation canal (Acequia Real) was constructed by Ibn Al-Ahmar and started somewhere at the Darro, 6 km upstream and ended at the Generalife. The canal crossed the river by use of an aqueduct and a watermill off Jesus del Valle-farmstead. Rest of the canal can still be seen on the slope of the Cerro del Sol. Reservoirs (albercón) and albaicin (reservoirs built above road) were also built.


MeridaOriginal name: Lusitania ( 23 bC). The city was called Merida by the Moors.
Los Milagros
(the wonders, two photos underneath) was built during Hadrians reign, and brought water from Proserpina, a reservoir, to Merida. It is one of the three aqueducts that provided Merida with water. It has 38 pillars, each alternately put up of granite and brick (opus mixtum).