Barbegal, Marly en Midi




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BarbegalAqueduct de Barbegal
In this valley two aqueducts run parallel to each other, one from the 1st, the other from the 4th century. The last one is the best preserved. Both consisted of 28 big arches and 8 smaller ones. A grinding installation was also found.

MarlyAqueduct de Marly
This aqueduct, built in 1684, was part of the waterworks constructed by king Louis XIV to provide the castles and the gardens of Versailles and Marly with water. This aqueduct fed the cascade of Versailles; it uses 13 water weels to bring the Seine water 163 m higher (to the rightSisley / the aqueduct at Marly, 1874).

Canal du Midi

To the left: route of the Canal du Midi; from Toulouse to Sète

L'aqueduc d'Orbeil = to the right; l'aqueduc de Fresquel (built between 1802 and 1810 nearby Carcassonne) = 2nd photograph -->.