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Almond aquaduct Scotland:
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Almond aqueduct brings the Union canal over the Almond river (see picture >>>>)
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Slateford aqueduct brings this canal over the Water of Leigh. Constructed in 1822. Photograph under this section, left.

Iron Trunk  






Iron TrunkThe Iron Trunk aqueduct is part of the Grand Union Canal built between 1793 and 1805. A vital link between London and the Midlands. The canal ran over an aqueduct over the Ouse river in Wolverton. The aqueduct, built out of bricks in 1805, collapsed in 1808.  After the collaps William Jessop decided to replace the brick aqueduct with a cast iron trough. This construction technique was first used only fifteen years earlier for a single span aqueduct for the Derby Canal and was, therefore, a relatively new and advanced method (in between the copse of the brick aqueduct and the construction of the iron one, a temporary wooden aqueduct was used, built by a local carpenter)! In 1811 the iron aqueduct was put into use (see little photograph).

Barton swing aqueduct
An ingenious engineering masterpiece enabling one section of the Bridgewater Canal to be moved into a different position allowing traffic on the Manchester Ship Canal to continue its journey. When the aqueduct swings open or closed it is hard to believe that an operation to move 1600 tons (including 800 tons of water) can be conducted so smoothly and quietly.