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Carpentras The aqueduct at Carpentras has been built between 1720 and 1734 (the order was given to Jean de Clapiés in 1714; in 1721 the construction was stopped because of an outbreak of the plague). It consists of 47 arches, is 631,5 m long and is 23 m high. The width of the canal is 0,25 m, the construction itself measures 1,75 m. For more pictures of this aqueduct see this page.


The source of the rivir Auzon can be found on the slope of the Mt. Ventoux. It flows into the Ouvèze. It was a natural barrier for the Gallic city of Carpentoracte. In 1989 the banks were turned into a park. At the east side the 18th century aqueduct as well as the 19th century irrigation canal can be seen.
Lugdunum (Lyon) used to be provided by 4 aqueducts, including the last aqueduct built of the river Gier (see the photographs); a brickwork construction with 11 tunnels and several siphons. The source could be found at the Massief de Pilat. The angle of the whole building was very accurate: 1 mm per meter! The four aqueducts 'produced' some 75.000 m2 per day!!!

At the beginning of the 2nd century, under the reign of Hadrianus, they commenced building it. They think more than 12 years were necessary to finish the aqueduct of approx. 86 km, needed to bridge 42 km. This aqueduct was the only one that could provide the Roman centre of Lugdunum with water (t
he centre, the Forum Vetus, lay on the hill Fourvière).

1st: the Roman aqueduct of the Monts d'Or; emperor Augustus built a aqueduct to provide Lugdunum with water in 20 bC. The 26 km long aqueduct bridged a distance of about 10 km, from Fontaine du Thou, near Poleymieux-au-Mont-d'Or to Les Minimes, near Lyon. The angle was 1,4 m at 1 km.
2nd: L'aqueduc de l'Yseron  was constructed in 20 or 10 bC; the source was located at Monts du Lyonnais. Lenght: 27 km. Average angle: between 5 and 80 m at 1 km.
3rd: Aqueduc de la Brevenne (beginning of the 1st century); from
l'Orjolle, near Aveize (Monts du Lyonnais) to Fourvière, near Lyon. Lenght: 70 km (to bridge 26 km!) . The decline was 1,4 m at 1 km.