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Aqua ClaudiaThe most important aqueduct of Rome was the Aqua Claudia. Emperor Caligula began constructing and emperor Claudius finished it in 52 aD.

It was approx. 69 km long, most of it was underground. The springs were located in the Anio valley near Agosta. At Capannelle the aqueduct was above ground and intersected the fields near Romavecchia.

Because of its massive arches this aqueduct is one of the most impressive aqueducts of Rome.
Aqua ClaudiaPer day it distributed 185.000 m3 of water!

After building the Arcus Neroniani (by Nero), one of the branches of the Aqua Claudia, the aqueduct could provide all 14 districts with water. Domitius added a branche too, so the palais of the emperor could also be provided with water.