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<<< The Fontana Bella, was built by Sixtus V (1585-1590) on a crossing of aqueducts (outside the city, in the countryside) for thirsty travellers on their way to Rome. Nowadays this fountain is situated in one of the busiest suburbs of Rome (B on the drawing). In 1723 it was renovated and decorated by Clemente XII. From then on the fountain has been known as the Fontane di Clemente XII.

The Trevi-fountain gets its water from the Aqua Virgo.
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The two fountains decorated with a dragon and an eagle give water from the Aqua Paola, formerly known as Aqua Traiana (Paus Paul V (1605-1621) restored this aqueduct early in the 17th century). The dragon and the eagle belong to the weapon of the Borghese-family (Paus Paul V = Camillo Borghese). S P A is an acronym for Salus Per Aqua ("health by water").