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MetzThe aqueduct of Gorze was built to provide three baths and the people with water (at the peak: 20.000 persons).
The bridge "startted" in Ars sur Moselle, here a sedimentation tank was constructed (mostly sand). In Jouy the water was again lead through such a tank before being transported to
Metz (used to be Divodurum - the capital city of the Mediomatriques - and was named Mettis). Two pipes were constructed on top of this bridge. Click on the photograph for more information.
Pont du GardThe Pont du Gard is a Roman aqueduct in the south of France near Remoulins. It is built in 3 levels with a hight of 49 m; the longest part is 275 m. The first level is a road (for military purposes), the second level a road for pedestrians and the third level the aqueduct (1,8 m high and 1,2 m wide). The angle is 0,2%!
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The Canal du Midi, 40 years of construction, started in 1681, was built by Pierre Paul Riquet with the help of 12.000 labourers. He constructed amongst others 55 aqueducts, 126 bridges, 7 canal bridges and 64 locks.

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