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18th century aqueducts

Pontcysyllte Aquaduct The Pontcysyllte aqueduct "carries" the Llangollen canal over the valley of the Dee river (North of Wales).
* the aqueduct is 307 m long
* the construction consists of an iron aqueduct fitted onto 19 brick arches
* the canal is 36,5 m above the river
* there is no railing attached at the side of the canal!

Part of what they used to call the Ellesmere canal was one of the first big construction works of the famous engineer Thomas Telford (counseled by the more experienced canal engineer William Jessop).
The aqueduct was opened 26 november 1805 (they constructed and built it in about 10 years time).



Dundas Aquaduct  The Dundas aqueduct is a monumental construction, built out of several kinds of stone, over the river Avon.
The aqueduct was designed by John Rennie and built/finished in 1798.
* it is approx. 46 m long
* the central, almost round arch bridges 19,5 m
* the two oval arches on the side bridge 6 m.

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