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Aspendos / Turkey                                                                                                                                  Table of contents

Aspendos-aquaductThey say, the king of Aspendos promissed his daughter to that man who could construct the most useful building for his town. Two remained, eventually: the constructor of an aqueduct and the man who constructed the theatre. The king almost chose the aqueduct, but as he went to the theatre to have a last glance, he heard somebody say: "Your daughter belongs to me". He was standing at the utmost gallery! The acoustics were that perfect, even the wispered words of the architect who was standing at ground level were heard by the king. This was too impressive, the theatre won the "race".

Rome / Italië

It is said that the name of the Aqua Virgine derives from a young girl who gave directions to Agrippa's men so they could find drinkable water / a source. This aqueduct remains hidden for the better part and is still functioning.

Narbonne (Aude) / France

le muraille du diableIt is said that "La Muraille du Diable" (the Devil's wall) has been built in one night only; by the devil in exchange for the soul of a lazy servant.

At the moment some 10 km are still "traceble", in the 2nd century it provided the whole of Narbonne with water.

Jouy-aux-Arches / France

Azita, the daughter of Noach, discovered when searching for the lost garden (together with her three nephews) the valley of Jouy. She decided to live there, but afraid of another flood she asked her relatives (Geteth, Jazel en Zelech) to build her a bridge so she can escape if needed. Because she enjoyed the building of the arches (jouir in French) she decided to give this paradise on earth the name: Jouy-aux-Arches.


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