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TurkijeMy name is Els. I am happily married to Tom, born in a town called Arnhem and living in Spijkenisse (near Rotterdam). I am an executive secretary, parttime, at an international spices company. Hobbies: going on holidays, taking a walk in the country side, ceramic art/ modeling, gardening, reading, listening to music and making websites (the picture alongside has been taken in Turkye; the one below was taken in Rome (fountain of the mask) the picture to the right in Spain, at the Alhambra).

I create (fantasy)animals out of clay and decorate them with plants and flowers. See for more information on this and other topics the sites on my domain:
Strance combination
? Not really, gardening has become a great hobby since living in Spijkenisse. And writing? As the editor of the gardening society "KMTP Groei & Bloei", division Spijkenisse/Hoogvliet (Royal society of horticulture and botany) I "create" a newsletter 3 times a year

Alhambra, SpanjeREADING
It's great to read a good book, in public transportation on my way to work or at home at night. I like to read the books in the original version (I read English, French, Dutch and German).

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