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SegoviaNear Segovia a construction has been built in emperor Trajan's time. 20.400 blocks of granite have been used. Building this aqueduct, they did not use any concrete or mortar.  It was built well-balanced. The aqueduct took water from the river Frio (near La Acebeda) to Segovia (distance: approx. 17 km). Above ground it had a length of 728 m and consisted of 165 arches. The water was collected in a water tower (El Caserón). Next the water flowed, via a canal of natural stone to a second tower where it would be purified.








On the Plaza of Azoguejo the aqueduct is at its peak: 28.1 m.  


See for more photos made 23 October 2007 this page.




Part of the aqueduct at the first level once had an inscription in bronze letters. Now only the holes are visible.

The aqueduct was in use until 1960 and has been renovated in the nineties!