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 Old and modern, the aqueduct through time                                                                                                   

Yearl Country Place(s) Name/built by
1680 United States Ysleta The first acequias in Texas
1684 France Versailles Aqueduct of Marly / King Louis XIV




Aqueduct de Gilade / Vauban




Aqueduct de Cesse / Riquet

1714-1734 France Carpentras Aqueduct     
1726 Mexico Queretaro Los Arcos
1729 United States San Antonio Pajalache (of Concepcion) acequia
1731 Turkey Istanbul Bahceköy Aqueduct / Sultan Mahmut I
1745 United States San Antonio Espada Aqueduct
1761 Great-Brittain Manchester Brindley's aqueduct (exchanged by Barton's 1893)
1798 Great-Brittain   Dundas Aqueduct / John Rennie
19th century Spain Nerja Aqueduct / Francisco Cantarero
1805 Great-Brittain North of Wales Pontcysyllte Aqueduct / Thomas Telford
1805-1811 Great-Brittain London Iron Trunk Aqueduct
1822 Scotland   Slateford Aqueduct     
1834-1838 France Digoin Pont Canal de Digoin
1837-1842 United States New York Croton Aqueduct
1842-1847 France Marseille Aqueduct de Roquefavour / Frantz Mayor de Montricher
2nd half of 19th century Netherlands   Waterworks
1890-1894 France Briare Pont Canal de Briare
1893 Great-Brittain Manchester Barton Swing Aqueduct
1913 United States Los Angeles 1st Los Angeles aqueduct
2nd half 20th century Great-Brittain   Falkirk Wheel connects 2 canals in Scotland
1960-1961 Netherlands Ypenburg Ringvaartaquaduct A4
1970 United States Los Angeles 2nd Los Angeles aqueduct
1973 United States Los Angeles Californian aqueduct     
2003 Netherlands Harderwijk Aqueduct Veluwemeer




Wasserstrassenkreuz Magdeburg

approx. 2010 Netherlands Middelburg Aqueduct part of the N57 motorway through Walcheren